Theatrical Video Series

It's a jungle in Here!

Let’s Play it’s a Jungle in here!

Learn English with us on our exciting jungle adventure. Watch out, the jungle can be very dangerous. Would you like to play with us?

Jack's Giant Adventures

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and his friends will help you learn english through our new “THEATRICAL VIDEO ADVENTURE”.

Do you want to climb up with Jack?

It's a jungle in Here!



Delightful. Everyone enjoyed it. You are great. The children were hooked on each episode and they couldn't wait to watch the next one. We have found the videos to be super interactive and suitable, especially throughout the pandemic. You are really great and your content is very fun!

Alazne  (Teachers influencers)

The children enjoyed it a lot.

Pilar (Maestrossya)


I just bought the videos along with the materials and I'd like to CONGRATULATE you because I really think it is a great project. I will use it a lot with my little ones and not so little ones. I think the videos are really incredible and very clear so that the students can also participate.

Isabel (Gamiteacherinaction) 

Time well spent... You are the best.

Laura Maroto

We loved it! What a good time and what professionals.

Sonia Martin

Very cool! The children enjoyed it a lot.

Colegio Santa Maria El Puig

Spectacular 100%

Colegio San Antonio  de Padua II (Catarroja)

Very good, highly recommended. I like you!

Vanesa Benavent

Children’s Plays:

An easy way for children to learn and practice English. Children will love our thrilling video series; “It’s a Jungle in Here”. Each video combines theatre and educational content to ensure children will learn English while having fun.