Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack Full Theatrical Video

Jack’s Giant Adventure is a theatrical video performance incorporating fun animated effects, songs, dances, colourful scenery and characters performed by native English actors. This theatrical video is accompanied by fun educational workbooks. Choose from four different levels to suit your abilities. Each workbook includes listening, speaking, reading and grammar activities.

Jack lives on an old farm with his mum and best friend, Daisy the cow. They are a very poor family who have no money and no food. One day, Jack’s mum insists that he must go to the market to sell Daisy.
Whilst returning from the market, Jack is tricked by a stranger into selling Daisy for three old beans.
Now Jack has no food, no money and no best friend.
Help Jack believe in magic to make a beanstalk grow, find the hidden treasure and escape from the giant’s castle.


What’s Included?

-Full one-hour theatrical video performance.
-Four educational workbooks aimed at different language levels.
-Listening activities.
-Song book.
-Music audio files.