The Jungle Adventure

Full Theatrical Video Performance 1 Hour

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“It’s a Jungle in Here” is a theatrical video performance incorporating fun animated effects, original songs, dances, colourful scenery and characters performed by native English actors. This theatrical video is accompanied by fun and educational workbooks. Choose from four different levels to suit your abilities. Each workbook contains listening, speaking, reading and grammar activities. You will be speaking English in no time!

Bonnie and Sarah find a mysterious board game, begin to play and discover a strange new world. With each turn, the girls await new surprises and dangerous challenges. They must fight giant mosquitoes, befriend a wild lion, escape the grasp of a hungry plant and hide from the dangerous hunter, Van Pelt. Will Bonnie and Sarah complete the game or get trapped in the jungle forever?


What included?

– Full 1 hour theatrical video performance.
– 4 educational workbooks aimed at different levels.
– Listening activities.
– Music and song book.