The Jungle Adventure

Complete mini serie 10 chapters. Higher level

online theater teatro online

For adventurers who domain a basic level of English.

A theatrical video performance combined with fun animated effects.
A ten-part series accompanied by an educational workbook.

Follow Bonnie and Sarah on their adventure from the first roll of the dice to finishing the game. Each video focuses on a different language topic which can be reinforced by com-pleting the educational workbook.

Higher Level Language Topics:

– Chapter 1: Prepositions (11:10 min)
– Chapter 2: Body Parts (07:14 min)
– Chapter 3: House and Home (04:47 min)
– Chapter 4: Superlative Adjectives (10:32 min)
– Chapter 5: Introductions (08:04 min)
– Chapter 6: Directions (05:14 min)
– Chapter 7: Animals Facts (06:26 min)
– Chapter 8: Environment (09:27 min)
– Chapter 9: Weather (06:45min)
– Chapter 10: Memory (08:42min)


What included?

Theatrical adventure video combined with fun animation effects.
Series of ten chapters + teaching cards: Workbook.